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Starsiege Tribes

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:33 am    Post subject: Starsiege Tribes Reply with quote

Tribes is a multiplayer online game. The story is set in the 40th century, after humanity have settled across the galaxies via jumpgates. Conflict has broken out between several factions of humans, the two largest of which are Diamond Sword and the Blood Eagle. The former are a tribe of people isolated from the Great Human Empire, whilst the latter are a force of imperial knights sent to subdue them. There are also splinter tribes and the Children of the Phoenix try to act as peacekeepers between them. The player assumes the role of a warrior loyal to one of the four major tribes battling in the front lines of the conflict.

The battles take place on one of 40 maps. Most of the standard maps are outdoors environments in a variety of climates, from sunshine to snow and hail. In general, bases are scattered throughout the map depending on the gametype. The outdoor environments can extend for several kilometers.

There are five distinct "default" gametypes:

* Capture the flag (CTF) - Each team (up to eight, normally less than three on any given mission) has one or more bases and a single flag. Each team tries to take an opposing team's flag and touch it to their own, which "captures" the flag and awards the capturing team a point. If a flag carrier is killed, the flag is dropped; the flag can be picked up by a teammate to finish the capture, instantly returned to its base by a member of the flag's team, or returned after a certain interval of time. Stalemates often occur when multiple teams' flags are taken at the same time; a team's flag must be at its base to accomplish a "cap". Capture the Flag is a popular mode, with 75 percent of servers running this game type.[5]

* Deathmatch (DM) - It can be played with or without teams; in both cases players must get the highest number of kills to win.

* Capture and hold (C&H) - Teams must seek out capturable bases or other assets, sometimes complete with turrets and stations, throughout the map. Points are given based on the amount of time an asset is "owned".

* Defend and destroy (D&D) - Players on a team must destroy certain items in an enemy's base before the enemy does the same to their base. Subsequent team-based First-person shooter games, however, did use variations of the concept (such as with Unreal Tournament and its "assault" game type). Defend and Destroy is the second-most popular game type.[5]

* Find and retrieve (F&R) - A number of flags are scattered across the mission area. Team members must find and bring them back to their base. The flags can be captured from the enemy as well. The team to capture all the flags wins.

* Multiple Team: Multiple teams must fight against each other to retain control of an objective or to capture the enemies' flag.

* Open Call: Open Call isn't necessarily a game mode per se, but a collection of missions created by map makers after a contest held by Dynamix.[6]

Starsiege Tribes (v1.11) Full Game
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